About us


Weaving technology and
life through flexible thinking

From launching Simultaneous Interpretation Service in 2010, we have become a 10-year company with Total Business Solution.
Through Bigdata analytics, we create customized business reports that take into account industry specificities and help companies.
Besides, we provide online services such as web/app which is essential for business PR and offline service such as sign/edit to create a more effective corporate PR environment.


Brand-new 10 years and endless challenges

Flexink is combined word of Flexible Think, it means we always think and present the “Wants” through customers’ “Needs” with flexible thinking. Based on our 10 years of pursuing that purpose we have been operating the overseas business with various companies in Korea and Malaysia.
Based on the unique language processing technology-based Bigdata analysis and AI(Artificial Intelligence) technology, we aim to become a force of companies entering the global market beyond the region. Join Flexink, the digital creative team that creates the future.

  • 2010

    Established Do Dream Co., Ltd.
  • 2011

    Acquired ISO 9001:2008
    Registered Software business certification(B13-69597)
  • 2012

    Acquired KC certification for Multicast Voice Streaming Server
    Registered Venture company certification guaranteed by KIBO (Korea Technology Finance Corporation)
  • 2013

    Registered patent for Multi-CODEC, Multi-channel simultaneous interpretation voice system, and method
    Development for Farm Management System
  • 2014

    Confirmed for a small business company by Jeju Special Self-governing Province
    Reported for Software business
    Proof of direct production verification for software development
    Established R&D Center
  • 2015

    Acquired INNOBIZ certification
    Joined Service Design Association
    Certified for Visual Design Company
    Registered Publishing & Printing Business
    Registered for Development of a printed material editor program
  • 2016

    GS(Good Software) certified for Publishing management system
    GS(Good Software) certified for Content management system
    Built Jeju Studies Archives System
    Developed Home EMS System
    GS(Good Software) certified for Electric vehicle charger control system
    Changed the company name from Do Dream Co., Ltd. To Flexink Inc.
  • 2017

    Registered patent for Wellness tourism product provision system through big data analysis
    Developed Jeju data hub based on big data
    Established a department for providing big data analysis & reporting
    Developed Smart Healthcare Solution
  • 2018

    Built Public WiFi integrated control system
    Implemented Social innovation data building project through policy participation platform
    Established Flexink Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
    Renewed Venture company certification
  • 2019

    Developed a smart marketing analyzing tool through big data
    Developed Data processing system for barrier-free travel
    Researched on the prevention management system for natural disasters based on Bigdata
    Selected Data processing company of Data Voucher business by K-DATA
    Developed AI Algorithm for evaluating the residual value of the waste battery module
  • 2020

    Selected Data processing company of Data Voucher business by K-DATA
    Support mentoring for JTP data analyst training program

Horizontal communicational culture,
We work hard but also We enjoy very well.

Flexink aims for autonomy and active work. In principle, we work through a variety of opinions in a horizontal communication culture
without a job title and fulfill the responsibilities and mission of the project by taking the position in the desired field.
Also, all projects are conducted before understanding and consideration of the work of collaborative colleagues.
Encouragement and relaxation for a hard-working Flexinker is the power of Flexink as important as our work.
Flexible working hours and up to 3 months of refresh holiday are the driving force of
our members’ passionate work environment and creative ideas.