ECO-House System

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2020년 April 13일
Biyang island EMS
2020년 April 13일

Developed an energy monitoring system for eco-houses with eco-friendly energy system. It can be easily and quickly checked such as Energy consumption and Power generation, Storage Status, Usage statistics, Electric vehicle status, etc. Also, it adjusts for overall energy management at home.


e-House main monitoring page

e-House detailed analysis page by category

Mobile monitoring for users’ convenience


Project Scope






Intuitive monitoring web development using appropriate icons and contrasting colors make anyone can easily use. It shows in 3 colors for easy recognition of normal/error status and important values can be checked in large letters. Accumulated data analysis provides daily, weekly and monthly consumption patterns for each category, estimated electricity rates, and saving rates to help users manage energy in an efficient way.

Real-time monitoring through a mobile app.

Setting page for energy management in Monitoring Web page